Massage Staff

Laura Sara - RMT - Registered Massage Therapist performing Massage Therapy at MacAskill Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

Laura Sara, RMT

Laura loves the outdoors as well as volunteers at the library.  She tries to live a healthy lifestyle and helps others to do the same.  She graduated with honours from the Massage Therapy Program at Bryan College.

Laura has proven skills in relaxation and deep tissue massage incorporating myofascial release techniques to treat skeletal muscle immobility and chronic pain in the tissues.




Tanya Solokwa, RMT

Graduated from Centennial College in 2006 receiving an advanced diploma in Massage Therapy.  Tanya is has certifications in Therapeutic Ultra Sound and Interferential Current/TENS Therapy.  Her passion for health and wellness has become a way of life, dedicating herself to help provide others the opportunity to achieve a balanced fulfilling lifestyle.


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