Dr. Dave’s 5 tips on choosing the best pack pack for school.

  1. Correct size. The backpack should rest no higher than the child’s shoulders¬† and should sit no lower than the hip bones.
  1. Straps. Backpack straps should be adjustable and well padded. Ideally they should be curved or contoured to fit the shoulders properly. Children should remember to wear both shoulder straps at all times and not sling the backpack over one shoulder.
  1. Load stabilization. Additional straps such as a chest strap or waist strap are also helpful as they will stabilize the road and reduce stress on the spine.
  1. Padding. The backpack should have firm foam padding along the surface that rests against the spine. This will protect the spine against potential sharp objects.
  1. Colour. Bright colours or reflective materials are very helpful to improve visibility of children for drivers when they are out during dim light conditions.

Stay tuned for future tips on how to pack and carry your backpack correctly.

Dr. Dave MacAskill is a chiropractor at the MacAskill Chiropractic and Wellness Centre located at 500 Dundas St. W. in Whitby Ontario Canada.  Visit his website at www.durhamchirowellness.com.